A Message from your Board


Welcome!  To your Homepage...

If you are new to Westview: WELCOME to the community.  The Board extends a hearty cyber welcome to you and your family!

If you are old to Westview: We look forward to seeing you at our Board meetings...


This website is an effort to keep you posted on the latest activities and efforts by your Board of Directors (BOD).

But before we say anything else we would like to make this clear:  This is YOUR website and YOUR community.  We cannot, nor will not, operate in a vacuum. We are always willing to lend an ear to our homeowners.  We are here to serve YOU.

Over the years your board has 3 major responsibilities:

  1. Community financial responsibility

  2. Community events/well being

  3. Community Architectural Control

We have been reasonably successful in the above areas.  We are financially quite sound, we plan events that have a great community turnout, and we keep the community looking good via our aggressive management and maintenance of the front features (plantings, gatehouse, walls etc) and by continued monitoring of Architectural Control Issues.

In addition, over the years the Board has started other special projects: 

Community watch

Safety patrol

Park/path investigation

Community Welcome Committee

Community Directory


Community Surveys 

Preferred Vendor lists

Architectural Review/Control Committee of Homeowners

But it is hard work with only 7 volunteers who have very busy lives themselves.  Unfortunately, all of these projects have died.  But we all realize that in some form they should exist for the betterment of the community.

Your board will continue to serve, to make the calls in the best interest of the community.

So in an attempt to 'rekindle' our community, this website was established in an attempt to get a dialog with our busy neighbors.  Again, a dialog takes two sides, you have heard our side now lets hear yours!  Contact us.  Help us.  Lets keep Westview a great place to live!

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