Homeowners Rules and Regulations


There are 2 main documents that govern the activities in our community, they are the Covenants and the Bylaws of the Association. (note that these documents are scanned in and may have scanning errors associated with them, please double check against the copies given to you)

You got these documents when you bought your house.  All homeowners and guests are responsible for abiding by these documents.


The general "day to day" impact to you  is: Architectural Control and the Payment of dues.


Every January you will get a dues bill.  The bill helps pay for maintenance and community activities. If you do not pay your bill within the stated time period, your house will be liened and could eventually be foreclosed.  If you did not get a bill, or cannot pay it on time, please contact us.  We will work with you within allowable guidelines.

Architectural control:

For the purpose of maintaining homeowner investment and community fašade, there are Community Architectural Restrictions

Before you start any work on your house, you MUST fill out an Architectural Control Form.  (filing is free!)

Failure to do so will result in a $100 penalty for the first instance and $250 for every instance thereafter, with a lien against your property if not paid.


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