What's new?


20 March 2003

1. New website layout

2. Added 2003 meeting calender


8 October 2002

1. Posted information on Stakeholder's meeting



24 June 2002

1. Posted information on June 2002 meeting.

2. Updated Contact Info

3. Minutes have been posted



19 November 2001

1. Laura Frymark has resigned as treasurer.



23 August 2001

1. Added some links to Links page (Local schools, etc.)


30 July 2001

1. Reminder that HOA Dues for 2001 are due July 31.

2. Sandy Woodruff has resigned her position on the board, we are looking for a replacement.

3. The community message board has been removed due to lack of interest.



24 April 2001

1. Draft Minutes for the February 28th Meeting Posted.



19 March 2001

1. At the February 28th Meeting, the board voted to retain the services of an outside management company to address architectural control enforcement issues. This will result in an increase of the annual assessment to $150 for 2001, and to about $200 for 2002 onward.

2. A revised budget was approved by the board, and will be distributed to the homeowners. A copy is available here. A Homeowners meeting will be held in conjunction with the April 25th Board Meeting, at which the homeowners will have the option of disapproving the budget. Unless disapproved by 70 households, the budget will stand, and bills will be sent out reflecting the $150 assessment.

3. The community Yard Sale will be held on April 28th.



8 February 2001:

1. The Board held an emergency meeting on February 7th to discuss how to handle the Treasurer duties, specifically how to get the budget and billing for 2001 sent out. It was decided to hire an outside accountant to handle this, at a cost of around $1,800. Details will be in the minutes, once they are posted.

2. Many have asked about the status of the bills for 2001. The HOA dues will be the same as for last year, $100 per home. Due to the lateness in sending out the bills, imposition of late fees will be correspondingly delayed.

3. The community calendar has been updated with revised due dates for the assessments.

4. The regularly scheduled board meeting on February 28th will still be held.



7 December 2000:

1.  Gary Wieboldt has tended his resignation. The board is once again short a member. Anyone interested in filling the position, please contact us at theboard@westviewhoa.com.



4 December 2000:

1.  Added new minutes here

2.  Added Architectural rulings here


10 November 2000:

1.  The Irrigation system is complete:  Hooray!! Final acceptance was completed on 30 October.

2.  On 6 Nov. 2000, Charlie Carr, Secretary  tended his resignation.  Charlie has been a very important part of the Board, and saddens us to see that he is leaving.

3.  With the departure of Charlie, this makes 3 Board openings for the 6 December Annual meeting.  PLEASE try to attend and VOTE, this is a critical meeting!

4.  The proposed budget by the board is located here. Please note the potential upcoming increase to the assessments...

5.  Want a sneak preview of the 2001 bill?   Want to know where all the money goes?


29 October 2000:  A couple of new developments:

1.  The Irrigation system is in the final acceptance phase!  This has been one of the most challenging, most expensive capital improvement that the Board has ever embarked on.  This system will improve even further the front entrance next year.

2.  Various minutes and ARC applications have been posted.

3.  Don't forget to VOTE!, on 6 December on your budget!

4.  We have some equipment for Loan, check here.

5.  Got any great vendors?  who would you recommend as a house painter? HVAC repair?  let us know, visit the message board and post your recommendations to your neighbors1

6.  The Password protected Community Directory is now working, sort of.  

7.  How about them flowers in the front?  Again as usual, Jake and Jean Piper has done an OUTSTANDING job on the front.  This weekend they planted the winter pansies.


9 September 2000: The signs are up!  Every time we have something substantial on the site we'll post the signs for a couple of days to remind you to check here.

The community directory section of the site is down due to password problems with the server.  It will be fixed shortly.


7 September 2000: Since February the BOD has been in the process of installing an irrigation system in the front of the community.  We are in the final stages of job completion: we are waiting for the meter to be installed and some WSSC inspections.

As you can see the pothole (which was the result of the water tap) has been repaired on the 6th.


5 September 2000: Beta release of site!  Street signs will announce the 'grand opening'.


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